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Become A Volunteer Board Member

Our volunteer board members are passionate members of the bi+ community who can devote an average of 10 hours a month to the organization. Right now we are looking to recruit board members local to the Boston area, but in the future may consider more virtual members. Responsibilities of local board members include, but are not limited to:

  • -Offering support to members of the bi+ community via email and the phone
  • -Attending monthly board meetings
  • -Attending events local to Boston
  • -(If desired) Traveling for national conferences and events with the BRC
  • -Completing specific tasks that match up with each person’s interests and experience,      such as event planning and management, merchandising, and community outreach.

Right now we especially invite transgender (including non-binary) and/or people of color and Indigenous folks to join us!

As a working board, we depend on each and every member to contribute in whatever way they can, and as a volunteer working board, we also try to help each other out when needed. So if you would like to help grow and strengthen our bi+ community, please send us an email to that includes a little bit about yourself, what the bi+ community means to you, and your resume.