Welcome to the Bi+ Maker’s Market!

Shops are listed alphabetically by vendor name, and descriptions are below. 

LGBTQ+ Friendly Pose References

Cute Stationery for Everyone Under the Rainbow

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Queer embroideries and shit

Created with Love

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Flags, pins, & earrings to support Bi Women Quarterly

Drawings & Swag

Black Queer Sensuality and Joy

Colorful & Joyful Abstracts

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Good creations for good causes

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Queer Jewelry & Accessories

Unique Digital Art Prints

Pop Culture Inspired Pins & More!

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Queer, Judeofuturist Pysanky & More

Handcrafted gifts of all sorts, for all sorts

Queer and Nerdy Art/Jewelry

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Friendly creatures, real and imagined

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Loud and proud accessories

Queer & Space-Based Goods

Queer Mental Health Nerdy Art

Always Bi Black

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Bi+ Designs

Sex-positive Zines & Art

Affirming Art & Apparel

LGBT+ Wear & Flair

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Queer Pride Designs

Custom handmade knits with accessible pricing

Rainbow-Making Clings

Small batch polymer clay works

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Queer digital art + pet portraits

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The Bisexual Resource Center works to connect the bi+ community and help its members thrive through resources, support, and celebration. Through this work, we envision an empowered, visible, and inclusive global community for bi+ people. For more info visit www.biresource.org.

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