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Why donate to the BRC?

Where BRC board member Kate Pimmell lives, most kids are not comfortable being out.  They know few if any queer adults or local queer role models. Kate lives in Alabama.

Kate was invited to spend Bisexuality Visibility Week with her local high school’s GSA, which was just established this year. She connected them to the BRC’s online resources, and visited to share her story. “I told them I’m a mom, I’m bisexual, I’m a sports fan, I’m an engineer. I told them that they are loved and valid just how they are. Finally, I reminded them that they are part of a community and not alone.”

One of the students present said that during Kate’s talk was the most comfortable and accepted she had ever felt at school. Their advisor affirmed that the positive impact on the students went beyond what could have been expressed that day, and would have a lasting effect on the youth.

Kate’s community is one of the many improved by the BRC’s broad reach.  This year we:

  • Sponsored 8 support groups, and published the guide to creating bi+ support groups
  • Reached 50% more people with our community building events
  • Expanded the BRC board to provide critical capacity for growth

Broadening and deepening our impact is only possible through the generous support of our donors. We saw the good this year that your increased support provided this year, and know that together we can go even further.

We need your help to build a more just world for the bi+ community. This year, the BRC will redesign and update all of our informational pamphlets, which we provide for free nationally and internationally. We will build and administer a survey to identify community needs and how we can best fulfill them. We are able to continue serving the bi+ community thanks to the support of donors like you.

Thank you for making a difference, and we wish you a joyous season,

Kate Estrop

President, Board of Directors

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