Boston-Area Groups

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The BRC sponsors regular support and social groups throughout the year, as well as Bi+ Mic open mic events, Pride activities, Celebrate Bisexuality Day events, and more! Details and all events can be found on our Meetup page.

Bisexual Social and Support Group (BLiSS)

Members discuss a wide range of issues related to attraction and sexuality, in a supportive, mixed-gender environment. Email for more information about the group. 

First Wednesday of each month

Young BLiSS

This is a group for those in their 20s-30s who identify along the lines of bi/pan/fluid (or questioning in that direction) to meet once a month for socializing and support. Sometimes the group takes the socializing elsewhere from the usual location at Diesel in Somerville, so double-check with Gabby at for that month’s plan.

Second Thursday of each month

Tea with Bisexual Women Partnered with Men

This is a support group for bisexual trans and cis women and non-binary people of all races and ethnic backgrounds who have male-identified partners. The group discusses issues relating to attraction, sexuality, gender, and mixed orientation relationships in a supportive safe space.

Third Sunday of every other month

Bi+ Womxn of Worcester

A peer-led support group for bisexual, pansexual, queer, or fluid women and non-binary folks based in Central Mass. The group discusses a wide range of issues related to attraction, sexuality, and gender in a supportive, safe space for folks of all races and ethnic backgrounds. This group is only for trans and cis women and non-binary folks, and is not a dating event.

First Wednesday of each month

The location will be given upon RSVP on Meetup.

Straight Marriage, Still Questioning Support Group

This is a group for women in long-term heterosexual relationships who are questioning their bi+ sexuality, or trying to figure out how to navigate an awareness that their sexuality is not fully consistent with the relationship they are in, all while also often navigating the needs of family and kids. Participation requires prescreening. Email

Second Monday of each month

The location will be given upon RSVP via email.

Bisexual and Bi-Curious Men’s Group

A free, confidential, male-facilitated drop-in discussion group for men (trans-inclusive) who are bisexual+ or think they might be.

Second Tuesday of each month

Bi/Pan+ Guyz Social Night

A social group open to all in the Boston area who identify as “bi+ guys” to hang out in a relaxed, supportive, safe space with no particular agenda. 

Second Wednesday of each month

Biversity Boston Brunch 

Biversity Boston hosts a monthly brunch at The Foundry on Elm in Somerville’s Davis Square. Events are open to all bi+ and bi+ friendly people. Please meet a few minutes early inside the front door to make sure we can be seated together. Visit the the Biversity website for more information.

Third Saturday of each month

Bi+ Book Club

The book club meets every other month and selects books with bi+/queer/trans/gender-fluid themes. Newcomers welcome; you don’t have to commit to reading every book. Come join our fascinating discussions!

Every other month, with varying dates and times
Check the Meetup page for the next meeting.

Location varies month-to-month. check our Meetup page for the latest!

Bi+ Christian Support/Social Group

If you are a Christian of any tradition (or consider yourself post-Christian / Christian-adjacent), and identify somewhere along the lines of bisexual/omni/pan/fluid (or are questioning in that direction), please join us once a month for some discussion, support, and social time.

Fourth Thursday of each month

Location available upon RSVP. Check our Meetup page for details.

Boston Bisexual Women’s Network (BBWN)

BBWN is a feminist collective organization whose purpose is to bring bi+ women together for support and validation. BBWN publishes a national quarterly newsletter on topics important to bi+ women and hosts monthly brunches in members’ homes. Visit the BBWN website for more info or email