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Meet Our Board

Kate Estrop, President

Kate has been with the BRC since 2013, serving first as the Clerk, then Co-President with Heather Benjamin, now as President. In addition to her chair duties for the BRC, she is the Marketing Lead, Social Media Committee Chair, and graphic designer. Outside of the BRC, Kate is a graphic designer for the election industry. She previously worked on the webcomic Upland, a very funny bi-themed webcomic featuring miniatures. Kate earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2010, and is currently in the Graphic Design Certificate program at MassArt. Her writing and comic work can most recently be found in Bi Women Quarterly. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with her black cats, Max (pictured) and Puck.

Jessica Haggett, Treasurer

Jessica, “Belle” to her friends, is a nonprofit professional passionate about leaving her communities better than she found them. Her career started in ecology, where she tromped around in knee-deep mud studying climate change, grew snails in pickle jars to measure intertidal physiology, and hiked through the woods of New England collecting and categorizing beetles. After spending time as an Engineering editor for the Journal of Visualized Experiments, she now directs science+ and corporate programming for her local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency. She loves invertebrates, food, and piano, and lives with her partner and a big snuggly dog, Rosie. In her first year on the BRC Board she’s looking forward to learning more about the community that has nourished her her whole life, and contributing her nonprofit know-how as the Treasurer and Fundraising Lead.

Michael Monroe, Clerk

An entrepreneur in solar panel installation, Michael is forging ahead with new, socially just corporate structures (like Social Benefit Companies and worker-owned-and-run cooperatives). He’s also been known to juggle torches, spin fire, play jazz piano, make sparkly earrings, and to help make bisexuality safer, more accepted, and more visible for bi men. Poetry and spoken word have been his chosen art and passion, but his main hope is for toxic notions about masculinity and sexuality to be exposed for how harmful they are to everyone, for black lives to truly matter, and for cultural stigma to evaporate concerning mental health (he’s battled dysthymia & depression for a lifetime, but thinks these things should totally be able to be talked about). A long-time member of the BRC board, and 4-time headliner for the Bilicious Boston show, he heartily devours Bisexual Breakfasts in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Gabrielle Blonder, Member at Large

Gabby got involved with the BRC three years ago as a barely-out bisexual in the Young BLiSS group, which she now leads. In her first year on the board, she’s had her fingers in many pots – writing blog posts, running events, and even serving several months as interim treasurer. She’s excited in the coming year(s) to help expand the BRC’s scope even further, hopefully reaching and offering resources to even more individuals and communities as the Support Group Lead. Gabby collects hobbies the way a numismatist collects coins (which, incidentally, is a hobby she hasn’t acquired). Right now, she’s strengthening skills in aerial silks, juggling, hoop dancing, various craft projects, puns, and swing and blues dancing. Her current employment is a mosaic of cafe work, art modeling, and freelance writing.

Laura DelloStritto, Member at Large

After a rejection from another college group, Laura joined her school’s LGBTQ+ council instead. Fortuitously, this involvement became one of her most formative experiences. Confronted with limited resources and support for LGBTQ+ students, Laura found purpose in advocating for tailored programs and policy changes. Her work inspired her to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health, with the goal of empowering marginalized groups on a larger scale. Laura has since been increasingly involved in LGBTQ+ organizations in a number of roles and she aims to apply her knowledge to improve health outcomes. She joined the BRC Board in 2016 as the Bi Health Lead.

Kate Pimmell, Member at Large

Kate Pimmel is a Senior Analyst and Technical Fellow at deciBel Research, a missile defense small business in Huntsville AL, where she specializes in high fidelity radar simulation, data analysis, proposal writing, and visual presentation of technical information. After working to raise bisexual visibility and LGBTQ equality in her personal community, she is excited to begin more meaningful advocacy for the Bisexual Resource Center. Originally from Rochester NY, she is a classically trained pianist, retired college athlete, self-proclaimed geek, ever hopeful Buffalo Bills and Syracuse Orange fan, wine lover, foodie, stargazer, and photographer. When she isn’t watching sports or British comedies, she and her partner keep busy raising two teenagers and three cats. Follow Kate on twitter @kmpimmel.

Don Thompson, Member at Large