Coming Out for Bi+ Youth

Coming Out – Or Not!

While many people choose to come out and feel most fulfilled that way, others choose different paths at different times of their lives. Youth, particularly, may face struggles in coming out to parents, friends, and schoolmates. The important thing to remember is, there’s no one right way to be bi+. If you don’t feel comfortable or safe coming out in your current situation, it’s a fully legitimate decision to remain in the closet. If your housing situation is at risk due to your identity, it is more than okay to wait until you’re out on your own. If you don’t want to share this information to one part of your life but do want to be out in others, that’s also okay!

It’s possible that some people in your life will struggle with your identity, or flat-out not accept it at all. This can hurt, but it doesn’t define you, the validity of your identity, or your worth. You will find those who accept you for who you are. Those people are the ones who are worth your time and energy.

So why come out? Some people feel as though they’d be hiding a vital part of their identity by remaining in the closet. Some choose to be as visible as possible to inspire others to live their most authentic lives. In most situations, it will feel great to own your identity and be open and free about who you are!

Always remember, you’re valid and you’re not alone in these feelings. Whatever you decide, there’s a strong community of folks standing behind you.

Resources to help in the coming out process: