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Bi+ 101 brochure*

This brochure sets to answer your most basic questions about being a b(ee)!

How to be an Ally to a Bi+ Person brochure*

Give this brochure to friends, family, coworkers, and teachers and help them be a better ally.

Getting to Know Bi+ Youth 101 brochure*

Learn about bi+ youth, the unique challenges they face, and how to support them.  

Sexual Health Tips for the Bi+ Community and Best Practices for Providers*

This brochure for patients and providers contains tips for taking care of your own sexual health as a bi+ person, including ways to have safer sex and talking to providers, as well as best practices for providers with bi+ patients.

Mental Health in the Bi+ Community: Bi+ Antagonism, Bi Erasure & Getting Help*

This brochure draws attention to the mental health issues in the bi+ community, suggests ways to find support, and provides tips on self-care.

Bisexuality and Disability brochure*

In this brochure, learn about the intersections of being bi+ and a person with one or more disabilities.

Trans and/or Nonbinary Folks In the Bi+ Community*

There are many transgender and/or nonbinary people in the bisexual+ community. However, myths still exist about the intersections of these communities, especially surrounding the personal labels folks choose for themselves. Let us be your myth-busters with these cold, hard facts! 

Bisexuality+ and Christianity*

This brochure is for the many folks around the world who identify as both bi+ and Christian.

Growing Bi+ Community: A Handbook for Facilitators

Learn how to start or foster your local bi+ social and support groups with tips, case studies, and resources on discussion topics.

Ten Tips on How to Be Bi-inclusive in Your Programs & Services for LGBTQIA+ Elders

How can elder programs be welcoming to bi+ elders? Here’s a list of ten suggestions on ways to help boost your bi-sensitivity and build stronger and more inclusive programs.

Printable Pride Signs

This collection of free, downloadable, print-at-home Pride signs celebrate a multitude of bi+ and non-monosexual identities. Check them out!

Brochures and Handouts by Affiliate Organizations

A Resource Guide to Coming Out as Bisexual

Human Rights Campaign, in partnership with BRC, BiNet USA, and the Bisexual Organizing Project

Bi Media Resource Guide

Published by GLAAD, in partnership with BRC, BiNet USA, and the Bisexual Organizing Project