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Meet Our Board

Jessica Silverman, President

Jessica, “Belle” to her friends, is a nonprofit professional passionate about leaving her communities better than she found them. Her career started in ecology, where she tromped around in knee-deep mud studying climate change, grew snails in pickle jars to measure intertidal physiology, and hiked through the woods of New England collecting and categorizing beetles. After spending time as an Engineering editor for the Journal of Visualized Experiments, she now directs science+ and corporate programming for her local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency. She loves invertebrates, food, and piano, and lives with her partner and a big snuggly dog, Rosie. She loves hearing stories about how the BRC has impacted the community that has nourished her her whole life, and contributing her nonprofit know-how.

Sandra Luo, Treasurer

Sandra jumped head first into being actively involved in the Bi+ family after coming out in early 2018. She is thrilled to be serving her new family at the BRC as the Treasurer. Professionally, she is a data analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance. Outside of the BRC and work, Sandra enjoys games (both video and board) and arts as well as crafts. Originally from Pleasanton, CA, she has lived in the Boston area for 7 years. She now lives in Charlestown, MA with her mischievous, snuggly cat, Plumette.

Megan Weireter, Clerk

Megan Weireter, originally from Norfolk, VA, has called Boston home for over 15 years. A passionate choir geek, she has sung proudly with Coro Allegro, Boston’s LGBTQ+ and allied classical chorus, since 2002, and participated with the group in three International GALA Festivals, performing alongside thousands of other LGBTQ+ choral singers from around the world. Since 2010, she has also been a member of the Choir of Trinity Church in Boston, where she’s sung everything from weekly Sunday services to large collaborative concerts, including a memorial concert for victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. When she’s not rehearsing, Megan loves to travel, read poems, try to learn programming languages, mix cocktails, and drink entirely too much coffee. She works full-time in Web Content.

As a queer person of faith, Megan feels fortunate to have found warm and supportive social, musical, and faith communities where she can live her life to the fullest. She hopes that serving on the BRC Board will allow her to give back some of that support to the rest of the bi+ community as best she can. Megan handles the BRC’s marketing, social media, and e-newsletter, and attends conferences.

Gabrielle Blonder, Member at Large

Gabby got involved with the BRC three years ago as a barely-out bisexual in the Young BLiSS group, which she now leads. In her first year on the board, she’s had her fingers in many pots – writing blog posts, running events, and even serving several months as interim treasurer. She’s excited in the coming year(s) to help expand the BRC’s scope even further, hopefully reaching and offering resources to even more individuals and communities as the Support Group Lead. Gabby collects hobbies the way a numismatist collects coins (which, incidentally, is a hobby she hasn’t acquired). Right now, she’s strengthening skills in aerial silks, juggling, hoop dancing, various craft projects, puns, and swing and blues dancing. Her current employment is a mosaic of cafe work, art modeling, and freelance writing.

Alexandra Bolles, Member at Large

Alexandra Bolles, who joined the BRC’s board in 2018, is a media advocate and digital communications professional. She’s received PFLAG Queen’s Brenda Howard Memorial Award and the Bisexual Resource Center’s Bee Hero Award for her bisexual+ advocacy, including co-founding the annual digital campaign, #BiWeek. Alexandra worked at GLAAD, the LGBTQ media advocacy organization, for 5+ years, where she built its bisexual+ advocacy program from the ground up and produced the guidebook, In Focus: Reporting on the Bisexual Community. You can keep up with Alexandra on Twitter at @anorianb.

Mia Concordia, Member at Large

Mia has been an active member, organizer, and facilitator of Bi+ groups since 2011.  She is a social worker, herbalist, and nutritional therapist.  She primarily works as a therapist for adults with particular areas of interest in LGBTQ+ issues, couple’s counseling, addiction, trauma, and working with Spanish speaking clients. Other sources of joy include making art, building community, being in nature, holistic wellness, and making/eating/sharing good food.

Laura DelloStritto, Member at Large

Laura joined her college LGBTQ+ council only after being rejected from another extracurricular group, but fortuitously this involvement became one of her most formative experiences. Confronted with limited resources and support for LGBTQ+ students, Laura found purpose in advocating for tailored programs and policy changes. Her work inspired her to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Health and strive to empower marginalized groups on a larger scale. Laura has since been increasingly involved in LGBTQ+ organizations in a number of roles and she aims to apply her knowledge to improve health outcomes. She joined the BRC Board in 2016 and coordinates the Bisexual Health Awareness Month campaign and outreach to community partners.

Kate Estrop, Member at Large

Kate has been with the BRC since 2013, serving first as the Clerk, then Co-President with Heather Benjamin, then President. They are now primarily responsible for merchandising and graphic design. Outside of the BRC, Kate is a graphic designer for the election industry. They previously worked on the webcomic Upland, a very funny bi-themed webcomic featuring miniatures. Kate earned their M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2010, and is currently in the Graphic Design Certificate program at MassArt. Their writing and comic work can most recently be found in Bi Women Quarterly. They live in Somerville, Massachusetts with their black cats, Max and Puck.

Brooke Lindley, Member at Large

Brooke Lindley is the Director of Advocacy at OutFront Kalamazoo, the LGBT Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she specializes in public policy and legislation, public speaking, running the Queer Women’s Community group, the training program, and the People of Color group. As a proud bisexual woman, Brooke is excited to join the Bisexual Resource Center’s Board of Directors to continue her advocacy work in the bisexual community. Outside of work, Brooke is obtaining her Master’s in Business Administration through Lynn University and coaches volleyball. In the last 5 months, Brooke has dedicated a lot of time and energy to fitness and nutrition. She also loves hiking, biking, wine, Netflix, and being a dog mom!

Julie Morgenlender, Member at Large

Julie has been involved in bi events and volunteer efforts for many years, and is excited to work on the BRC’s Board of Directors to further contribute to the bi+ community. She currently works as a budget coach, volunteers and advocates in the chronic illness community, and is creating an anthology about living with chronic illness. She is also the former Director of Operations of the nonprofit Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis. In her free time, Julie enjoys dog sitting, reading books of almost any genre, and crocheting and knitting scarves, hats, tote bags, and other items in the colors of the various queer pride flags.

Andrew Reagan, Member at Large

Andrew’s career began at the Boston VA Hospital, where he was involved in psychology research using fMRI and transcranial magnetic stimulation as a research assistant and later manager of a neuroimaging lab. His interest in the integration of newer noninvasive psychological services and treatments led to a recent career pivot. He is currently pursuing an MBA with a focus on technology and innovation within the Health Sector. Andrew is passionate about raising awareness of bisexual issues within both the LGBT and heterosexual communities. He is a bit of a music nerd and own a few analog synthesizers that he pretends to know how to play from time to time. He is the proud owner of the cutest and smartest dog alive, Stormy, a 10-year-old bichon-chihuahua.

Don Thompson, Member at Large

Don is currently the longest serving board member having served on the BRC Board since 2010. He is the chief facilitator for the first Wednesdays of the month Bliss support group. Don also hosts the annual Board Retreat in late February or early March as well as the BRC House Party in May. He has also been a steady presence at the BRC information & merchandise table at the June Boston Pride Festival in Government Center for over 10 years. Don especially enjoys helping people who are new to the bisexual community benefit from the understanding and insights he has gained from his decades of experience being out in our community. Outside of his work for the BRC Don enjoys multiple outdoor activities in nature such as kayaking, hang gliding and sky diving, as well as indoor exercise classes – especially zumba. Don is also socially active in the bi related polyamorous and fetish communities in the Boston area.