Bisexual and Biracial: The Challenges of Dating While Fetishized

By Cleo Falvey Just as my Tinder date leaned in to give me a hug at the end of our eight-hour long first date, she said, “Just so you know, I have an Asian fetish, so I’m super thrilled you’re Asian.” Newly eighteen, lonely, and desperate not to ruin my first real queer relationship, I […]

The Affirming Power of Research for Bi+ People

By Eva Bisexual people deserve to be included in sexual health research. To be fair, as a research lab coordinator for a queer men’s sexual health lab, a researcher by training, and bisexual gal myself, I might be a bit biased, but I doubt it. It’s no secret that academia has a deep history of […]

Finding Queer Identity Through TV Representation

By Charmee Taylor Deep deep in the dark closet with only fear of anyone knowing, truly, who I am, I’m under my blanket in my apartment in Echo Park. It’s a Saturday and the LA sun comes up. I pull out my laptop and open it to a HelloGiggles article that I peruse and “Brown […]

Bisexual Microaggressions in Medical Contexts

By Heather Stewart, MA Bisexual or “bi” identified people are a significant portion of the larger LGBTQ+ community, with studies suggesting they make up just over half of the larger LBGTQ+ population. Within the bi community itself, there is substantial diversity as well. For example, “bisexual” is the sexual orientation category most self-identified by trans […]

Overlapping Flags: Loving Beyond the Gay/Straight Binary

By Ellyn Ruthstrom I was gathering with a group of LGBTQ activists outside the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC for a dance party on a global-warming-kind-of-day in January 2018. The action was to thumb our noses at the horror that had taken over the White House the previous year and to make the statement that […]

It’s Never “Just a Movie”

By Gabrielle Blonder As a tween, I spent many a weeknight watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved the creepy-crawlies, I loved the witty banter that was always ever-so-slightly over my level of understanding, and I loved the campy fight scenes. But most of all, I loved Willow Rosenberg. In Willow, I saw my own […]

Why Bi+ Representation On-Screen Matters When Thinking About Intimate Partner Violence

Content warning: domestic violence, sexual violence, bi+ erasure, biphobia By Sarah Karerat Representation — and in many cases, the lack thereof —  has real-world effects. We’ve heard this countless times, yet have we thought critically about how far-reaching the impact of representation truly is? Consider the high rates of violence that the bi+ community faces. […]