Finding Connections in Bi+ and Chronically Ill Community

Finding Connections in Bi+ and Chronically Ill Community, with a stock image of two wheelchair users playing a giant game of connect four

For our first installment of Bi+ Health Month 2022, Julie Morgenlender writes on finding (and creating!) the spaces in which she feels the most seen. By Julie Morgenlender We all have identities that we relate to strongly. Bisexuality and chronic illness are two of those for me. I am acknowledging my privilege here that I […]

My Queer Friendships Taught Me How to Love

Header of smiling college-age friends. Text reads "My Queer Friendships Taught Me How to Love"

Olivia Zayas Ryan on embracing the intimacy of queer friendships By Olivia Zayas Ryan In the times of my life when I felt furthest away from myself and the most undeserving of love, my friends showed me that they chose me, and that they would continue to choose me, even when I didn’t feel worthy. […]

My Bisexuality is a Spark of Divinity

My Bisexuality is A Spark of Divinity

Shelly Jay Shore traces the deep, connective threads of their Judaism and bisexuality. By Shelly Jay Shore The mainstream narrative on religion and queerness is generally that the two exist as a binary: you are religious, or you’re queer, and if you’re both, you’d better come to class prepared to explain why. The current, increasingly […]

BRC’s Proud Legacy of Community Building

2020 is the Bisexual Resource Center’s 35th year, so #BiWeek is the perfect time to take a look back at what the BRC has accomplished as the oldest bi-specific national organization in the U.S.

Coming Out as a Bisexual Man: The 5 Reasons Why We Don’t

By: Mark Lees, M. A.  We are your fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, co-workers, friends, neighbors, boyfriends, lovers and husbands. But according to a Pew Research Center Survey, bisexual men are the least of the LGBTQ community to be out to those closest to them. Pew surveyed 1197 LGBTQ individuals and found 40% of the LGBTQ […]

We, Bisexuals, Love You Both!

By Christopher Jeremiah What does bisexual mean to you? Some claim it to mean, rejected by both. We, bisexuals, are very friendly and interesting people. We are very respectful of your sexuality and your natural attractions to each other. Is there any reason why you can’t accept ours? I came across two profiles on another […]

National Coming Out Day

Tabby’s Story My coming out story is more of a story about coming out to myself than it is about coming out to others. When I first started to question my sexuality, I was 11, and in 6th grade. All my life, my ”crushes”  had been on boys; after all, that was who girls were […]

Why We Should All Live in The Feels’ Brave House

Co-created by bisexual actress and advocate Sara Ramirez, with additional writing from Shantira Jackson and Ianne Fields Stewart, Brave House is an extraordinary glimpse into three characters, non-binary S, trans feminine Nina, and trans masc Lenny as they attempt to create a loving, open, non-traditional household.

How Writing Misti, My Bi Main Character, Helped Me Live The Adventure

By Kellie Dohert Sitting in my apartment, my black cats curled up next to me, my mug of equally black tea cooling on the table, I bask in the glow of my computer screen. It’s late—nearly midnight—and I should go to bed. But I can’t, not yet, not now, not until I’m done writing this […]