Investing in Bisexual+ Community is the Antidote to Loneliness

Bailey Merlin, a person with medium length brown hair and a floral shirt, standing at a podium

by Bailey Merlin When I started my master’s degree program at Harvard Medical School, I wanted to study the loneliness epidemic. Upon starting my research, I quickly realized that the LGBTQ+ community was more than twice as likely to experience loneliness than their heterosexual counterparts. Looking closer at the numbers, I was stunned to see […]

National Coming Out Day Reminds Us We Aren’t Alone

By River McMican The first time I came out, I was 13. I was sitting in a loose circle of other students in my high school cafeteria and we were doing a tolerance and diversity exercise, talking in small groups about the ways we were similar and the ways we were different. I don’t remember […]

Abortion is a Bi+ Issue

As if striking down Roe v. Wade wasn’t bad enough, the Dobbs Supreme Court case implied that the next judicial attack would be on LGBTQ rights. While that threat should concern the queer community, we need to understand that a ban on reproductive rights directly affects queers of all stripes, and none more than bisexuals.