Bisexual+ Youth With Disabilities

Bi Individuals with Disabilities.jpg

Today Bisexual Health Awareness Month focuses on bi+ youth with disabilities and community resources they can connect with.

Individuals with disabilities often experience ableism when seeking employment, healthcare services, and support programs. Little is known about the specific needs and experiences of bi+ youth with disabilities, but several research studies and reports have uncovered the following information:

  • One study found that the prevalence of disability was higher among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults compared with their straight counterparts. This same study found that 36% of bisexual women and 40% of bisexual men reported having a disability, with elevated reports of poor physical health and mental distress.
  • A New Mexico Department of Health report found that bisexuals were more likely to have a disability than their straight peers.
  • I Just Want to Be Myself,” a qualitative study of LGBT youth with disabilities, focused on themes of individual identity development and intersectional identities and school experiences.

More research and focus is needed on bi+ youth with disabilities, including policies and services that can address their unique needs and challenges. If you are a bi+ youth with a disability, know that there are several organizations, resources, and networks available to support you:

Today’s Featured Resources: Aud Traher writes “On Being a Disabled Bi Trans Person and the Idea of Passing.” Also, work to be a better ally to bisexual+ youth with disabilities by following these steps in your community.