The Top Eight Ways the BRC Built Bi+ Community in 2022

By Jessica Podkalicki

We have come a long way since we started as an affiliate in 1983. This year has been a banner year for the Bisexual Resource Center. 

What did we do this year?

Glad you asked. My name is Jess and I am the Program and Operations Coordinator at the BRC. It was the first full year that I have worked with the Bisexual Resource Center. That’s one major accomplishment for myself — and I hope for the organization itself.

Here are eight other benchmarks for our wonderful organization:

  1. We expanded our social media engagement, including our ninth annual Bi+ Health Awareness Month in March and Bi+ Week in September.
  2. It was our second year hosting our annual Bi+ Makers Market, an online marketplace event bringing together bi+ artisans to promote their work to a larger audience.
  3. We hosted more than 25 in-person and online bi+ community events, bringing together people from all over the country.
  4. Our board of directors and staff attended two hybrid/virtual LGBTQ+ conferences and eight Prides across the Northeast.
  5. We provided training for the Massachusetts Nurses Association and offered bi+ media consultation for GLAAD.
  6. The Bisexual Resource Center joined Bi Plus Organizing US, helping to build a new, national coalition of bi+ organizers. In September 2022, coalition members met with representatives of the Biden administration to discuss bi+ health equity concerns and promote bi+ inclusive health policy at the federal level.
  7. We moved into a not-for-profit specific space this fall in Boston called the Nonprofit Center.
  8. And lastly, the BRC received two important grants, one from the Boston Foundation and the other from the Visibility Impact Fund, making it possible for us to hire a part-time staff member and develop new resources.


These are just eight of our accomplishments from this year, but our organization has been busy this year. The BRC works hard all year round in order to provide support, resources, and content to the bi+ community. I personally am looking forward to what the BRC and I have in store for 2023. 

Jessica has been the Program and Operations Coordinator at the BRC since July 2021.