The Affirming Power of Research for Bi+ People

By Eva Bisexual people deserve to be included in sexual health research. To be fair, as a research lab coordinator for a queer men’s sexual health lab, a researcher by training, and bisexual gal myself, I might be a bit biased, but I doubt it. It’s no secret that academia has a deep history of […]

Finding Queer Identity Through TV Representation

By Charmee Taylor Deep deep in the dark closet with only fear of anyone knowing, truly, who I am, I’m under my blanket in my apartment in Echo Park. It’s a Saturday and the LA sun comes up. I pull out my laptop and open it to a HelloGiggles article that I peruse and “Brown […]

Bisexual Microaggressions in Medical Contexts

By Heather Stewart, MA Bisexual or “bi” identified people are a significant portion of the larger LGBTQ+ community, with studies suggesting they make up just over half of the larger LBGTQ+ population. Within the bi community itself, there is substantial diversity as well. For example, “bisexual” is the sexual orientation category most self-identified by trans […]

Overlapping Flags: Loving Beyond the Gay/Straight Binary

By Ellyn Ruthstrom I was gathering with a group of LGBTQ activists outside the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC for a dance party on a global-warming-kind-of-day in January 2018. The action was to thumb our noses at the horror that had taken over the White House the previous year and to make the statement that […]

It’s Never “Just a Movie”

By Gabrielle Blonder As a tween, I spent many a weeknight watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved the creepy-crawlies, I loved the witty banter that was always ever-so-slightly over my level of understanding, and I loved the campy fight scenes. But most of all, I loved Willow Rosenberg. In Willow, I saw my own […]

Why Bi+ Representation On-Screen Matters When Thinking About Intimate Partner Violence

Content warning: domestic violence, sexual violence, bi+ erasure, biphobia By Sarah Karerat Representation — and in many cases, the lack thereof —  has real-world effects. We’ve heard this countless times, yet have we thought critically about how far-reaching the impact of representation truly is? Consider the high rates of violence that the bi+ community faces. […]

The Changing Tide: My Experiences with Conducting Bisexual Health Research

By Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bartelt, MPH As a doctoral student at the Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion, I am lucky enough to have many one-of-a-kind experiences, from traveling to conferences to present research to sharing meals with my intellectual heroes, but my favorite by far is being able to conduct important research on bisexual […]

Can You See Us Now? New Research Publication Helps to Shed Scientific Light on Bisexual Health

Indiana University researcher Brian Dodge, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at the School of Public Health-Bloomington, and Wendy Bostwick, associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing, recently guest edited a special section of Archives of Sexual Behaviorfocusing on bisexual health research. This is the first time the journal has dedicated a […]