Coming Out and Bisexual Community Resources

Photo by Lauren Sageer

Coming out and bisexual community resources are the focus of Bisexual Health Awareness Month today. Bisexual+ youth, know that you have a community that cares!

Bisexual+ youth are less likely to be out to their families, friends, and communities, and they are often told that their sexual identities are “just a phase” or “don’t exist.” They are also less likely of having attended a queer youth group compared to their gay and lesbian peers. Therefore, building bi-inclusive and bi-affirming environments at home, in schools, and within communities is important in improving the health and well-being of bisexual+ youth.

Today’s Featured Resources:

Coming Out

Bisexual-specific Organizations & Groups

General LGBT Organizations & Information

Leo, age 12: I’m 12 years old and i came out to my friends last year. I came out to my mom too but she said she didn’t believe me and told me, “People come out with their sexuality when they’re 18 or older.” My friends took it really well, even my most seemingly homophobic friend.