Bi+ Cozy Card Swap

Welcome, snail mail fans! The holidays can be a tough time for a folks in the bi+ community, so we started the Cozy Card Swap to help each other celebrate anything and everything!

You could be in full holiday spirit, which is awesome!, or maybe you’re cheering on the end of a difficult year, the hopes of a new one, perfecting your cookie recipe (can I send you my address?) or even finally digging to the bottom of that laundry pile (that one might be me). 

When you sign up for the swap, give us as much or little info as you’d like your card sender to have. But do please include the address and name that the Post Office uses for you so it will arrive in your mailbox! Once the deadline for signups has passed (11/7), we’ll scramble names and give everyone their names!

When you get your name, if you don’t think you can get a card out to someone, or you don’t think you can make the 11/21 deadline, please reach out to me and I can either let the person know their card is on the way later or re-assign them another sender, no questions asked! We’re a marginalized community and, you know, it’s the holidays.

And no matter what, everyone who signs up will receive a cozy card from us!

Questions can be directed to me, Cozy Bee Kate at

Stay cozy!