Our New Look

In 2019, the BRC conducted a survey to help gauge how our materials and online presence were being received by our community. We heard a lot of encouragement about the value of the information and joyful tone of our website. We also received constructive criticism about our need for more imagery and messages that were intentionally inclusive. We’re grateful for everyone who submitted responses, and we want you to know your voice was heard. In 2020, more than ever it is important to us that our online presence represents who we are and intend to be.

As a result, we’ve made updates to our design. First, you’ll notice that we include the pansexual flag colors in our logo and design alongside the colors of the bisexual flag. The Bisexual Resource Center is a place for all people who have the capacity to be attracted to multiple genders, and we’re excited to more fully represent that in our branding. We’re better together! 

We have also included more images of people from our events to be more intentionally welcoming of bi+ people from many different backgrounds and identities. Our hive is big enough for all of us, and we’re excited to live that more fully in our imagery. 

Lastly you’ll see that the layout has been updated to be more readable and engaging. We strive to provide meaningful educational resources to bi+ people and the people who love them, and so it is critical that our website empower folks to read, learn, and share.

We would like to thank the Equality Fund at the Boston Foundation for their support of this work. 

We’re so excited for you to experience our new update. We have worked hard to provide fresh content, including updates to the youth and families information pages, and updates to our support groups. Stay tuned for more resources as we continue to build out more information and connection for the bisexual community. We are so glad you’ve found us!