Seeking Writers for Bi+ Health Awareness Month Blog Posts

It’s that time of year again! The Bisexual Resource Center is preparing for our fourth annual Bi+ Health Awareness Month! It is held every year in March, since 2014. This year’s theme is social health, which encompasses relationships with family, friends, and sexual and/or romantic partners, as well as finding bi+ community and support. We are soliciting one or two writers to share their experiences with various aspects of social health for bi+ people, with a particular focus on personal experiences with bi+ community relationships.

If you have a particular story you’d like to share in essay form, related to your bi+ identity and family, friendships, romantic and/or sexual relationships, or bi+ community and support, please email us at bham [at] biresource [dot] org. We will be paying a small rate to the writer(s) chosen for this specific project. The deadline to submit is Wednesday, February 22nd at 12 noon. All are welcome to submit; bi+ writers from intersecting marginalized communities are especially encouraged.

You must identify as bi+ to submit, which can include bisexual/romantic, pansexual/romantic, queer, demisexual/romantic, fluid, and many other identities that break sexual orientation binaries.