Claiming My Labels

By Elizabeth M. Mechem When dealing with my ADHD, I find myself encountering many of the same issues I do when dealing with my sexuality. I have experienced outright dismissal and ridicule when opening up about being bisexual. In the same manner, I have experienced dismissal and ridicule when talking about having ADHD. This has […]

Society giveth, society taketh away, and maybe society giveth again

By Julie Morgenlender What do you think about as you head down the street? Maybe what to eat for dinner, something that happened at work today, the latest news headlines? Or maybe you think about how safe you are, if someone might attack you for who you are, or how to navigate a flight of […]

Bisexuality & Disability: Some Connections

By Robyn Ochs Bisexualities and disabilities are identities that carry negative stigma in the United States (and beyond). They are misunderstood, maligned, and are “labels of primary potency” (Allport, 1986), identities which are seen to be of such significance that they overshadow our other identities and are thus assigned disproportionate importance. I see parallels between […]