Investing in Bisexual+ Community is the Antidote to Loneliness

Bailey Merlin, a person with medium length brown hair and a floral shirt, standing at a podium

by Bailey Merlin When I started my master’s degree program at Harvard Medical School, I wanted to study the loneliness epidemic. Upon starting my research, I quickly realized that the LGBTQ+ community was more than twice as likely to experience loneliness than their heterosexual counterparts. Looking closer at the numbers, I was stunned to see […]

National Coming Out Day Reminds Us We Aren’t Alone

By River McMican The first time I came out, I was 13. I was sitting in a loose circle of other students in my high school cafeteria and we were doing a tolerance and diversity exercise, talking in small groups about the ways we were similar and the ways we were different. I don’t remember […]

Celebrate #BiWeek with Music from 77 of Our Favorite Bi+ Artists!

By Vincent Paz-Macareno When you think of “bisexual musicians”, who comes to mind? David Bowie, is most people’s first answer. Next usually comes Dusty Springfield, Freddie Mercury, Debby Harry, maybe Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Billie Holiday for those who have been brushing up on their queer music history. If we were to have brought the […]

The 6 Quintessential Bi+ Experiences

It was a mere decade ago that, as I considered the differences between gay men’s music (women belting out freedom anthems + UNCE UNCE UNCE) and lesbian music (what you listen to while wistfully looking out the window at the rain), I struggled to come up with an example of “bi+ music.”  I was soon […]

#BiHealthMonth: A 10-year legacy to celebrate

Image of the bisexual pride flag

By Ellyn Ruthstrom Ten years. I’ve got to tell you that seeing the Bi+ Health Awareness Month achieve its tenth year makes me incredibly proud. When the Bisexual Resource Center initiated the awareness month back in 2014, we were motivated to make it a success that year but had no idea that we were seeding […]

Abortion is a Bi+ Issue

As if striking down Roe v. Wade wasn’t bad enough, the Dobbs Supreme Court case implied that the next judicial attack would be on LGBTQ rights. While that threat should concern the queer community, we need to understand that a ban on reproductive rights directly affects queers of all stripes, and none more than bisexuals.

The Top Eight Ways the BRC Built Bi+ Community in 2022

BRC 2022 Wrap-Up with lots of bi+ colors a bee and a star

By Jessica Podkalicki We have come a long way since we started as an affiliate in 1983. This year has been a banner year for the Bisexual Resource Center.  What did we do this year? Glad you asked. My name is Jess and I am the Program and Operations Coordinator at the BRC. It was […]

Celebrating Pansexual Pride

By Diane Billas I never used to tell people I was pansexual; it was just easier to say I was bi. Recently I’ve stopped this practice in favor of actually expressing how I identify. If I identify as pansexual, shouldn’t I be able to state that? And if someone doesn’t understand, it’s a good teaching […]

World AIDS Day – Celebration or Remembrance?

By Khafre Kujichagulia Abif I can remember the first time I acknowledged World AIDS Day in my own journey. Having been diagnosed in 1989, I lived my life in silence. I hadn’t told my MaDear, my sisters or even my best friend. It was in 1991 that I shared my status with the woman I […]

Finding words to process the wave of anti-LGBTQ antagonism and violence

By Helen Parshall The most interesting interview I’ve ever had started with a simple question: Do you consider yourself to be a writer or a journalist?  I was at the journalism career fair in my final semester of graduate school, trying to figure out where I wanted to take my career once my masters was […]