Nurturing Our Bi+ Identities with StillBisexual, Part 2

Our partner, StillBisexual, asked followers how they honor their bi+ identity. Here's another installment of what they've said.

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I love going out and about with my bi flag baseball cap. Nothing feels better than having a stranger compliment my hat — it helps me feel less alone and see that my community and allies are not so far away. Wearing my pride is how I nurture my bi+ identity.


I am active in my profession’s pride organization, I talk freely about my identity to others, and I have tattoos that make reference to my bi pride! My kids talk to me about gender and sexuality frequently, and talk to their friends about our family as well.


Taking advantage of virtual events during the pandemic to spend time in the company of other bi+ people.


Sometimes I find my friends trying to fix me up with men or indirectly pushing me towards a relationship with a man thinking my sexuality is not real. I understand and know what they are trying to do, but I don’t have the energy in me to fight my friends too. They have been supportive of me and haven’t said anything hurtful but things like these hurt me sometimes; so to nurture my identity, I take some time off my phone entirely and dive into some books that I love about bisexuality or gender orientation, and instantly it makes me feel better. I hope that someday people around me can understand me and understand bisexuality but slipping back in my own world is the best thing I do for me. It helps me to grow and to understand myself much better.

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