Nurturing Our Bi+ Identities with StillBisexual, Part 3

Our partner, StillBisexual, asked followers how they honor their bi+ identity. Here's a third installment of they're responses


My favorite ways to nurture my bi+ identity are to consume bi+ content such as music by bi+ artists like Jessie Paege or Lucy and La Mer, and tv shows and movies that feature bi+ characters or actors and actresses that are bi+ in their real lives. Another way is by interacting with my fellow bi+ members of the LGBTQ+ community both online and in person when I can. It’s the best feeling in the world to find and feel that connection and know you aren’t alone.


I nurture my bi identity by loving and taking pride in every facet of my bisexuality. I value my attraction to men, to women, and to other genders equally. I emphasize that no matter who I am dating, I am always queer and so are my relationships.


Music has always been a big part of my life. I learned to play piano and violin classically but now that I no longer read music, I play any instrument using relative pitch. After coming out as bi recently, I use songwriting as my main outlet to nurture my bi identity. Writing music is cathartic, and helps me document all the thoughts and emotions I deal with daily when coming out to myself over and over again. Writing music also helps give me more closure with my past regrets prior to coming out.

Jesse M

By acknowledging my sexuality first, and same in others, but also surrounding myself with like minded people. Gender is in your mind and heart. Love begins when you see value in your life and theirs. Community is a big factor for me

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