Nurturing Our Bi+ Identities with StillBisexual, Part 4

Our partner, StillBisexual, asked followers how they honor their bi+ identity. Here's the fourth installment of their responses

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I always correct people when they called me a lesbian or refer to myself and my partner as ‘the lesbians’ (‘actually, I’m bi!’), which has become a bit of a running joke in my friendship group. I hide little bi flags in places or I add bi flags to my possessions, wear LGBTQIA+* pride clothes, do finger guns at people, sit on chairs strangely, make gay/bi jokes a lot. I’m a teacher and when I talk about my wife and pupils say ‘are you gay?’ Or ‘she’s a lesbian’ I say ‘no, I’m bisexual’.


I have purple hair (on top), wear a bi-pride wristband, and a flag on my jacket collar

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Badly. I like to read theory and brood over regrets that I never pursued romantic opportunities that presented themselves for fear of familial abandonment. I enjoy the increased presence of bi+ people in media and our visibility in society. I’m also getting brave enough to wear more gender non-conforming clothes in public, around my non-queer friends.


I try to be out as Bisexual whenever possible, and if it means simply wearing a t-shirt or button to show so, I do that. Whenever I am in an LGBT setting, I make it clear that I am bi, and even when with a person, holding hands, make sure that (when appropriate) I let others know that I am bi, and the other person is whatever they identify as.

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