My Queer Friendships Taught Me How to Love

Header of smiling college-age friends. Text reads "My Queer Friendships Taught Me How to Love"

Olivia Zayas Ryan on embracing the intimacy of queer friendships By Olivia Zayas Ryan In the times of my life when I felt furthest away from myself and the most undeserving of love, my friends showed me that they chose me, and that they would continue to choose me, even when I didn’t feel worthy. […]

My Bisexuality is a Spark of Divinity

My Bisexuality is A Spark of Divinity

Shelly Jay Shore traces the deep, connective threads of their Judaism and bisexuality. By Shelly Jay Shore The mainstream narrative on religion and queerness is generally that the two exist as a binary: you are religious, or you’re queer, and if you’re both, you’d better come to class prepared to explain why. The current, increasingly […]

BRC’s Proud Legacy of Community Building

2020 is the Bisexual Resource Center’s 35th year, so #BiWeek is the perfect time to take a look back at what the BRC has accomplished as the oldest bi-specific national organization in the U.S.

Our New Look

The bee isn’t the only one who got a makeover for the BRC’s 35th Anniversary.

Black Lives Matter

The Bisexual Resource Center stands in solidarity with Black people, with the protestors calling for an end to police violence, and with all those fighting for justice for bi+ BIPOC everywhere. Our support especially goes out to those in Minnesota and the Bisexual Organizing Project, whose community is at the epicenter of this tragedy and […]

Interview with Maxxx Pleasure, Drag King of the Year

In addition to being the 2018 winner of Brooklyn Nightlife Award for Drag King of the year, he is the real-life star of Maxxx, a charming and honest short documentary about coming into his own in Brooklyn drag, and a nightlife producer whose latest Drag King revue, “Men Are Trash,” (co-produced with Brooklyn trio The Nobodies) will be at Gold Sounds on November 30th. You can keep up with his latest shows by following him on Instagram or Twitter.

Bi+ Sexual Health Tips

By: hers team We’ve all heard the term “sexual health,” but what does caring for our sexual health actually look like? Despite how it is taught in school, maintaining good sexual health is more than just preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. It is also not a one-size-fits-all concept. Each culture, sub-culture, physical […]